8 year olds having huge problems sleeping and this is impacting on their health and ability to learn in classrooms

Since rolling our our Minding Your Health In Education programme we have learn’t first hand how much pressure and stress our children are under from as little as 8 years old.

Hearing first hand from Head Teachers and Teachers the positive effects our programme is having confirms to us that never has there been a greater need for us to give our children all the tools they need to become resilient and help them cope with the immense pressure they are under and Mindfulness is changing things in a positive way.

We recently spoke to a Teacher about how our Mindfulness programme is helping and this was the reply:-

You would hope that eight year olds don’t have trouble getting to sleep but clearly they do…one of our pupils says she does the body scan practice every night now and this helps her sleep well – which means she is ready to learn” Primary school teacher in Somerset

This is one just one of the benefits of our Mindfulness Wellbeing programme we have been delivering schools – teachers and pupils captured talking about this on our new film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLYgpaRdnnI

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