A Few Words Of Calmness in A Changing World…#Mindfulness

The news over the past few days has set our lives into a spin, but we need to look beyond the doom and gloom and search for an inner strength of peace and calmness and compassion for each other.

Being able to reach for a stillness and calmness within ourselves is such an important part of staying well, both physically and mentally. Whilst we have no control over what is happening in our greater lives we do have the ability to control our thoughts and feelings.

Turn the television off and stop reading the newspapers. They fuel our worry and despair and can’t possibly change anything except feed our already busy minds with negative thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t mean you are ignoring what is happening, it means you are allowing yourself “Time Out” to gather yourself together.

winner01 / Pixabay

Disruption and dispute have negative effects on our relationships with family and friends and compassion and a deeper understanding needs to be found if we are to be a united front.

Take some time out today to re-connect with yourself and ease your stress and anxiety. Take every moment as it comes and let the future take care of itself.

Here is a #mindfulness practice just for you…http://www.blog1.sally-b.co.uk/2016/04/08/five-minute-meditation-practice-with-karen-atkinson-mindfulness-youtube/