Are You Looking After Your Employees Mental Health? If Not, Mindfulness Could Be The Solution.

No matter what size your business is your staff are your biggest asset and have to be nurtured and looked after if you are to maintain a happy, healthy and profitable working environment.

Sadly, too many days sick leave are having to be taken by the rising epidemic in mental health problems caused by stress and depression, which of course has a knock on effect on any business, no matter what size they are.

Employers need to take a look at ways in which they can assist their staff, teach them how to boost their resilience and create a happier more compassionate work space that is more relaxed and productive.

Our Mindfulness On-Line courses are the perfect solution.Staff can privately access the programme and complete at their own pace our eight week programme which will give them all the tools they need to incorporate Mindfulness into their daily lives, without the need to externally resource someone to come in to train them.

Our on-line mindfulness course can be branded with your company logo and can be adapted to suit your business.

Each individual employee would have their own personal log in, which maintains total privacy at all times and can be revisited whenever the need arises

Our on-line mindfulness course has been successfully rolled out to businesses of many different sizes. We are happy to offer a discount on “Bulk Logins” ensuring that every member of your staff benefits from this programme.

Mental Health issues are on the increase. Too many people are suffering in silence feeling unable to talk to anyone about how they are feeling. Mindfulness can open those doors giving people the confidence and voice to share with each other how they are feeling, creating an openness with other staff members and management which in turn makes for a more honest and happy place for everyone to be.

Happiness creates productivity…can you afford not to invest in your staff?