Are you looking to deliver John Kabat-Zinn’s Gold Standard MBSR Course? New #London Dates Announced

We are thrilled to announce new dates in London for our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training Courses that are in addition to our Taunton Courses.

This MindfulnessUK 12 month training pathway is in accordance with the UK Network Regulations, Good Practice Guidelines and MBI-TAC.

Pre-requisites: Applicants must have completed the MBSR course in a group setting, have a regular mindfulness practice of 6 months or more and follow ethical codes of conduct.

Supervision: Please note that supervision for the first 2 courses is offered remotely via Skype or telephone. The student will be asked to submit audio or video, along with weekly lesson plans, to support the process of supervision.

Additional Elements: Learners will also be required to attend a one day Inquiry Workshop, a 5 day silent retreat (adhering to the GPG’s), maintain a mindfulness meditation diary and submit a portfolio as a minimum at the end of the training to receive a certificate and apply for the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers.

These are our London dates:-


Spring/Summer 2018 Course (non-residential)

Teaching days

  • 22/23rd Feb 2018
  • 10/11th May 2018
  • 21/22nd June 2018
Course fee £1512
Please click on the link for further information and to book please call 01823 323206