#Asthma & #Mindfulness


Asthma is one of the most common chronic health disorders that effects millions of adults and children all over the world.

Asthma places considerable demands on sufferers that can result in acute hospital care, life long medication and close management of lung function. Caring for their health is a major component in asthma sufferers lives and it is paramount to maintain a healthy body and mind.

There have been many studies done to test the role that Mindfulness can play in helping to improve the quality of life for sufferers and the results have been impressive.

Whilst mindfulness can never take away the need for medication, although in some studies medication has been significantly reduced, sufferers should never just decide to stop taking it.

Mindfulness creates an acute awareness of your body by focusing on how your body is feeling in the here and now, allowing you to accept if you are feeling pain or shortness of breath without passing judgement and allowing the sensations to be accepted and not feared.

Asthma like many other chronic diseases creates a high level of stress and anyone who has it will tell you how anxious it can make you feel when having an attack. Mindfulness practice involves learning to recognise and discriminate accurately thoughts, feelings and sensations and teaches you to develop a non reactive awareness of these, a coping mechanism that when practised daily enhances quality of life both physically and mentally.

If you are an asthma sufferer we have cd’s available to download on our web site. The #bodyscan downloadable cd is a great place to start letting you become more aware of your body and how your mind perceives it.

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If you require further help we offer the 8 week mindfulness stress reduction course, our next course starts on Tuesday 10th May from 1.30 till 3.30 or in the evening on 12th May from 6-8pm. All classes are based here in Taunton but we can offer you Skype sessions if you live a distance away.

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There is nothing more empowering than taking control of your own health. Sometimes we feel totally consumed by ill health which creates an incredibly negative influence on us and not only our lives but our family and friends as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mindfulness UK.. Make today the first day of taking back control..this is your life!