#Autumn .. A great time to start new beginnings? Learn to Teach #Mindfulness?

September is always a great time for new beginnings. It heralds the start of a new season and a wonderful time to think about learning a new skill or taking a new career path.

The demand for Mindfulness is increasing daily with people from all walks of life realising the huge benefits to our health and wellbeing that Mindfulness brings.

We started our Mindfulness journey here at MindfulnessUK teaching individuals in our group settings. We have trained numerous numbers of people over the years how Mindfulness can help them with many types of mental and health problems, to learn to cope and live alongside their illnesses, learning to live in the very moment rather than worry and ruminate over the past and future.

The demand for these classes has been exceptional so our next step was to devise a programme to enable us to teach others the ability to teach Mindfulness.

Our students have come from many professions across the health care systems who have realised that Mindfulness can assist them with their patients and we are incredibly proud of all our graduates who have trained with us and are now teaching our professional programme with integrity and with best practice.

Make this September a time for change for you. We are a highly experienced, friendly and professional team. You will be given support on your journey all along the way and will be proud to say you were trained by MindfulnessUK.

Here is the link to our courses. Drop us an email or give us a call. http://mindfulnessuk-com.stackstaging.com/teach-mindfulness

Telephone 01823 323206

Email Info@mindfulnessuk.com