#Brexit #Stress #Anxiety #Mindfulness

The news and the upheaval in this country over the last few weeks has sent us all into a spin. However you voted in the EU Referendum the fallout from this has been palpable on social media with #stress and #anxiety evident at an alarming rate.

I follow social media very closely and the mood over the past two weeks has been gaining momentum every day with every new story that has hit the headlines affecting peoples well being and stress levels in a really detrimental way.

If you suffer from #stress and #anxiety the enormity of a changing situation in any part of your life will bring on those horrible feelings of everything being out of control, and a spiral downwards into a real state of panic can occur very quickly.

johnhain / Pixabay

It’s easy to try and tell someone who suffers from #anxiety that things will get better, but when you are in that horrible state there is nothing anyone can say to prevent those feelings of real fear and sadly #Brexit does seem to have brought out the #anxiety and #fear big time in already very vulnerable people.

#Anxiety and #Fear are very real when you are in that state of mind. Your mind can think of nothing else but the worry about whats going to happen, the fear of the unknown and the loss of control over your life, all this plays havoc with both your mental and physical wellbeing.

In order for you to calm that busy overthinking mind and bring a feeling of being back in control you need to take charge and be back in the driving seat.

#Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to have by your side. To be able to bring calmness to yourself is such an empowering feeling and #Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to do just that.

To take yourself and your busy mind away from the #anxiety situation by sitting and just “Being ” in that “Moment”  without fear of the future or recriminations about the past is a life changing experience.

#Mindfulness is a journey, a journey to find who you are and how you tick. A chance to take back “Control 

Turn the TV off, stop reading the news and start to show yourself the #Compassion you deserve.