Buckets & Spades Packed Off to #CroydeBayHolidayResort #Mindfulness Weekend

The weather is fantastic and we are really looking forward to our weekend at the wonderful Unison Croyde Bay Holiday Resort for a weekend of #Mindfulness Meditation.

We are thrilled to be invited back again for our fifth year of teaching an “Introduction to Mindfulness” to a group of #Unison members, our second session this year, which is such a thrill.


This residential weekend will be filled with Mindful beach walking, meditation on objects collected, mindful eating of their delicious food and how to use mindfulness at work and of course all the foundational practices.


Croyde Bay Holiday Resort is open throughout the year providing a unique holiday or short break experience, in one of the most beautiful parts of North Devon.

They offer a choice of hotel rooms or self catering cottages, with a range of food and beverage outlets and a host of leisure and fun facilities on site, both indoors and outdoors, to suit all ages.

Croyde Bay Holiday Resort has been owned and operated by UNISON for the past 80 years, with a steady stream of investment to enhance the accommodation and facilities, coupled with a commitment to our staff both in terms of training and paying them a living wage. In 2011 a completely new Hotel complex was added to the Resort, bringing a new standard of quality rooms.


Many of their guests return year after year which is very rewarding for them. When we guests what they most liked about the Resort, the most popular response was that the resort was “small enough to be safe and intimate but big enough to have lots of things to do”.


Their fantastic location is also a big factor in giving their guests the kind of holiday that lingers long in the memory. Fantastic beach, rolling dunes, great surf, cool village, and then on Resort, a big indoor swimming pool and a big selection of other leisure and entertainment facilities.

With all of the above on offer it is no surprise that they have won a Trip Advisor award for excellence for the past three years!


Here is the link to their web site http://www.croydeunison.co.uk