Choosing The Right People On Your #MindfulnessJourney Is so Important…

Before you embark on your Mindfulness journey you really should do some research and consider who you are going to use. There are currently no regulations on who can teach Mindfulness so it is imperative that you use a fully trained and professional teacher.

Using someone without experience can have dire consequences for vulnerable people who need someone with skills, integrity and experience and be able to professionally assess that Mindfulness is the appropriate way forward for them.

MindfulnessUK was founded in 2010 as an independent Mindfulness, teaching, training and therapy centre in Taunton Somerset by its two Directors Karen and Neil Atkinson.

Karen has a Nursing Degree and is a Mindfulness teacher, trainer and supervisor. Karen worked within the NHS and privately for 10 years teaching Mindfulness to patients in the clinical setting, specialising in chronic pain management, abuse and trauma.

MindfulnessUK has grown over the years, developing, consolidating and diversifying their skills and services as the need for mindfulness services has grown.

All their teaching is evidence based and all the staff have been trained to a very high level, and continue to build on their knowledge that enables them to offer the highest degree of up to date skills and abilities to identify the needs of others.

Karen & Neil are incredibly proud of their team who all work as one, practising Mindfulness together where possible, communicating with each other with ease and care creating a happy friendly working environment that flows into their teaching.

Karen said “We excel at being human by being approachable, friendly and responsive to needs. MindfulnessUK has been developed from a deep desire to help others and this grounds us all, enabling us to have aspirations to open this out wider in whatever way is possible.”

If you feel we can help you then please contact us at any time.