Diageo..A Global Company Looking After Their Employees Mental Health With Mindfulness

Our Director Karen Atkinson was thrilled today to be hosting a morning of teaching Mindfulness to staff from the global drinks company Diageo.

This forward thinking and caring company knows how important it is for their staff to be happy and healthy, not only their physical health, but their mental health as well.

The setting at the stunning Orchardleigh Estate House in Somerset was just perfect for a full morning of Mindfulness.

Employees from Diageo enjoyed a varied morning of Mindful Movement, Mountain Meditation, abdominal breathing and the body scan.

With the media focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing companies have a duty of care to all their employees to make sure they are not only physically looked after but mentally as well.

Very sadly stress and anxiety is on the increase, companies are losing days, weeks and months of work from staff who are having to take time off due to a Mental Health issue.

Mentally & Physically fit staff create an amazing workforce of happy and contented people. It boosts productivity and creates a much more open and friendly relationship between Management & Staff where barriers are brought down and no subject is taboo.

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and is a fantastic way of bringing Management & Staff together. Mental Health can and does effect anyone regardless of age, colour, gender or status within a company.

Make sure you have a happy workforce, and that doesn’t just mean buying the tea & coffee!

If you think your company would benefit from Mindfulness then please call us on 01823 323206