Equality, Diversity & Inclusion..Mindfulness For All

Karen Atkinson from MindfulnessUK spent many hours writing their Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion In Professional Practice Teaching Training programme (IMCPP)

Her biggest inspiration that she drew from were all her past and present clients who had come to her from all walks of life with very varied mental and physical health problems. Karen knew that this programme had to be able to reach out to every part of our community, enabling practitioners from all walks of life to be able to use it responsibly and compassionately to the people they teach and support.

As a teacher training organisation Karen knew that this programme had to be a robust qualification that would enable practitioners from many different backgrounds to be able to integrate Mindfulness and Compassion into their practices.

This broad spectrum of practitioners, who this teaching programme has been written for, enables many more people to be reached that would benefit from the power of Mindfulness and Compassion practices who would potentially never have had access to it before.

The Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training Programme enables practitioners from many diverse backgrounds, who support people with mental health problems, physical disabilites, people who are homeless, and many other groups to incorporate Mindfulness and Compassion with all their knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver a fully integrated and supportive programme to their clients with the understanding of Mindfulness and the importance of Compassion.

MindfulnessUK have graduates that work with people who have additional needs along with their families, parents and staff that care for them.

Here are a few examples of our graduates backgrounds and the groups they support using the Mindfulness and Compassion programme.

Learning disabilities, from mild to profound and complex.

Learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

Physical disabilities




People who are homeless


Speech, language and communication needs


Aspergers……..the list is endless.

This teacher training qualification is open to anyone who has completed the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course and wants to integrate Mindfulness and Compassion into their work. You don’t need a degree to apply, though many of our graduates have, this course is aimed at everyone.

There are excellent outcomes. The qualification enables graduates to develop their own bespoke programmes for individuals and groups, adding another set of skills to complement their expertise. Here are a few examples:-

A Mindfulness and Compassion based programme to support homeless people into employment.

Supporting parents and parent carers to bond with their children with Aspergers.

Support the wellbeing of staff in large corporate settings.

Promoting awareness of stress and what can be done about it in the workplace.

Supporting the wellbeing of people with terminal illnesses.

People living with chronic pain

People experiencing racial and sexual discrimination

Patients in a physio department .

MindfulnessUK believe in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and have incorporated these three things into all of their teacher training programmes and into all of the work they do.

For further details click on this link http://mindfulnessuk-com.stackstaging.com/teach-mindfulness/integrating-mindfulness-and-compassion-in-professional-practice

These courses are available in London, Somerset, Cambridge, Bristol