Give The #Gift Of #Mindfulness This #MotheringSunday

Buying a special gift for Mum on Mothering Sunday can sometimes be tricky. Flowers and chocolates are always lovely to receive but just don’t last.

Giving a gift that will last forever, improve health and wellbeing and be a “GoTo” tool in times of need sounds a much better idea.

#Mindfulness is a practice that has been scientifically proven to reduce #stress help with #chronicpain aid #depression and reminds us that living for the moment is how we learn to enjoy life.

Living in the moment, not worrying about the past or what lies in the future, excepting what is happening right now and allowing yourself to be ok with it sounds a perfect recipe for life.

Mums are not good about thinking about themselves, they work tirelessly to make sure everyone else is looked after. The gift of #Mindfulness will help them re-connect with who they are allowing them to show themselves #kindness and #compassion not just for a few days but for ever.

For information about our Mindfulness Based Stress Reductions courses in #Somerset #Bristol please click on the link..