Hygge & Mindfulness

You may be asking yourself what is Hygge (pronounced HOO-GAH) is and why anyone would do it.

Hygge is a Danish creation that can be defined as a feeling of contentment and well being. It’s a mindfulness practice that focuses on all that is charming and cozy. For example, you can decorate your home in a way that honors this philosophy, and you can also do things to embrace that sense of charm and intimacy. It’s all about living a cozy, comfortable life, which sounds just perfect .

Hygge is a way of incorporating this self caring idea into daily life which helps minimize stress while enhancing peace and personal growth. It’s all about being mindful and nurturing to ourselves.

We often think of self care as indulgent and selfish, when in reality caring for ourselves should be a natural priority. If we don’t take care of our minds and bodies, it becomes difficult—if not  impossible—to perform the other functions of our lives. Hygge encourages us to focus on the times we feel the most warm and fuzzy and giving those moments over to ourselves in a mindful way.

It might mean snuggling in a comfy blanket on the sofa while having a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. It might mean taking brightly colored gel pens and coloring a beautiful picture while nibbling tiny bites of delicious chocolate or sitting reading a book in your most comfortable pair of sloppy pyjamas.

Candles play a big part in Hygge. The soft gentle light creates a warmth and coziness that allows you to drift into a calm reflective, relaxed state of mind which relieves stress and anxiety.

It could even be taking a long walk in the woods and enjoying the beauty of nature capturing it in all its magnificent rawness.

Hygge does not always mean being alone. Family and friends play a big part in our lives and the joy of togetherness is equally as important. Nothing more pleasurable than a meal around a table with good food and laughter focusing on time spent together in a mindful way.

Research shows that people who are able to be kind to themselves rather than harshly self-critical tend to have better mental health and higher life satisfaction.

It’s time we all started to appreciate the simple things in life that bring us joy. We need to stop complaining about the weather, light some candles, read that book you have been promising yourself and turn your phone OFF.

We can learn a lot from the Danes…they are meant to be the happiest nation in the world…