Learn How to Teach Mindful Movement As A Meditation Practice

As part of our Continuous Development (CPD) for our Mindfulness Teachers we have introduced a workshop on Mindful Movement.

The first workshop will be held on Friday 6th October in Taunton and runs from 10-4.30 at a cost of £75 per person.

This workshop will help you to develop the skills and confidence to teach Mindful Movement as a meditation practice.

Karen Atkinson, Director of MindfulnessUK, talks about Mindful Movement

“It has been found that more insights are gained as a result of paying attention to how we move by becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions whilst moving, as opposed to stillness practices. This is because, through movement, we are closer to daily life than we are when sitting and watching the breath, for example


You only have to read books on trauma such as Peter Levine’s “In An Unspoken Voice” or “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Bessel van der Kolk to know how crucial it is to listen to what the body says to gain insight into our experiences of ourselves and relationships with others.


Some mindfulness teachers really shy away from teaching movement due to lack of confidence and training. This workshop will give you the underpinning theory, specific guidance and a choreographed practice to teach, with a script to take into your teaching. We will look at modifications and have the opportunity to practice with your peers.”

To book your place please click the link http://mindfulnessuk-com.stackstaging.com/teach-mindfulness/continuous-professional-development-cpd-for-mindfulness-teachers