Little Acts Of #Kindness

In such unsettled turbulent times it is so easy to overlook and forget that we are not alone in our worries and fears and the strength of reaching out to someone, a stranger, with an act of kindness changes a bad day into a truly happier one.

I like others have felt the enormity of the news in the past few days and engulfing ourselves in the misery is not good for our mental or physical health.

On Twitter this morning a truly lovely lady made my day.! She sent me a beautiful picture of a bee gathering nectar from a flower entitled ” A little bit of sunshine and a bees bum” That one little act of kindness has made such a difference to my day and restored completely my faith that this world can be a better place if we took the time to show #compassion #caring and #kindness to others.

This lovely lady has allowed me to share some of her stunning photographs with you. Appreciate Mindfully the beauty in this world.

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Thank you Gill Heavens for making my day! Follow her very funny and delightful blog here or on Twitter @GillHeavens