Meet The Team behind MindfulnessUK…Social Media

Hello everyone. You never see my face but you read my thoughts, words and posts every day on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

My name is Sally and I have been looking after the social media for MindfulnessUK for the past three years.

My background is banking, having worked in the industry for 28 very long years, and I have been using social media for business and pleasure for as  long as I can remember.

Since Facebooks launch in 2004 and Twitters launch in 2006 the world of social media has exploded and it has become the biggest “Must” for all businesses, no matter what their size.

Social Media has opened its doors for the world to see who you are and what your business is trying to achieve. Social media gives you a face to the world and a voice through words and pictures that helps you convey your message and your personality to all its readers.

My first introduction to mindfulness was six years ago when I was diagnosed with a bowel disease. I felt so low and alone and had been reading and hearing about mindfulness through the media but must be honest thought it was some hippy new age thing that couldn’t possible help me in any way.

At my lowest ebb I googled mindfulness in Taunton and MindfulnessUK appeared. I contacted them and decided to book myself on an eight week course but honestly thought I was wasting my time. I remember dragging myself to that first session not having a clue what to expect and feeling incredibly nervous that whatever was being asked of me I wasn’t well enough to do it.

We were a small group, all there for what turned out to be very different reasons looking for help and answers to our problems and honestly from that first moment we were not disappointed.

I can and will always say that mindfulness has changed my life. From that very first moment it felt like mindfulness understood me and my needs and it has carried on being my best friend. I will sadly never be free from my health problems but mindfulness helps me focus and cope and keeps my very active wandering mind from straying into territory I feel I have no control over and lets me enjoy the very moment. It gives me a calm place of safety away from my negative thoughts and focuses my enjoyment of everything in the right here right now.

To be able to help let others know via social media about the huge benefits that mindfulness can bring into their lives is also life changing for me. It gives me the chance to express my positive experiences from a place of knowledge, which I know is of huge benefit to others.

It is an absolute pleasure to work on behalf of such a caring company who strive so hard to make mindfulness accessible to all, who work tirelessly creating teaching programmes that allow others to teach and share the wonderful being that is mindfulness.

Thank you MindfulnessUK for making my job such a pleasurable one.



We would love to hear your experiences about mindfulness and will always be happy to share them on line if you are happy for us to do so.