#MindfulColouringBooks..Keeping The #Children Happy And Calm This Half-Term

School holiday times can be especially stressful for parents and children. If you are trying to juggle working and child care and that forever nagging feeling you are being a bad parent if you don’t keep them occupied it can turn into a melting pot for stress and anxiety for all.

Sadly it seems these days that children are unable to occupy and fill their own quiet times and turn more frequently to the internet to satisfy their forever need to be entertained. It’s a fast world of instant gratification keeping brains in a permanent flux of motion.

Colouring books and pens were the go to years ago keeping children happy and satisfied for hours and sadly seem to have lost favour in the “Entertainment” list but could they be making a comeback!

Colouring books for adults in the past few years has become a huge success in the battle to overcome stress and anxiety. Being taken back to those quiet childhood days when life was so much simpler, losing yourself in the colours and pictures is a wonderful way to get some “Head Space” and focused thinking.

Using colouring books is a fantastic way to bring families together. It promotes togetherness in a quiet calm setting, calms busy minds and allows a concentration that aids stress and anxiety.

This holiday time create an atmosphere of quiet, controlled space where you can bring out your inner child doing a joint project in a creative mindful way keeping stress to a minimum spending quality time together.

Colouring books can be purchased almost everywhere now….enjoy!