MindfulnessUK Delivers Workshops To #NHS Staff..Managing #Stress, Developing #Resilience, Enhancing #Wellbeing..

MindfulnessUK are looking forward to working with the NHS Staff from Weston NHS tomorrow in a series of one day workshops.

These one day workshops will help participants identify their psychological and physiological responses to stress and teach evidence based coping strategies, practices and techniques to help them become more mindful, thereby alleviating their experience of stress and building resilience.

Mindfulness involves paying close attention to whatever our experience are in the present moment. Often we are preoccupied, thinking of something else such as making plans or worrying about the future or past, whilst doing things on automatic pilot. In this way, we miss out on the richness of our everyday experience and the many pleasures that ordinary life can bring.

Mindfulness increases awareness. Awareness brings choice. Choice allows you to take control of your life rather than being driven by habits you don’t even notice you are doing.

We look forward to meeting the staff attending and to teach them ways to reduce the impact of stress on their health and well-being.