MindfulnessUK Teacher Training In Finland From September 2018

I know it seems a little early in the year to be thinking about snow and Autumn but we wanted to let you know about Karens trip to Finland in September.

Karen has visited Finland many times to deliver “Introductions to mindfulness” and has set up strong links and life long friendships there.

It is through her work in Finland that the demand for teacher training has grown, so with the assistance and co-ordination of Tuula, who is a pain consultant in Oula, and Katia the medical director of Rokua Spa, this six day mindfulness teacher training course of face to face, plus the inquiry workshop, will be held in two sessions, one in September 2018 and the next in March 2019.

The setting for this teaching training will be the stunning Rokua Spa and Hotel set in the unique Rokua geopark. It has been voted the best hiking centre in Finland and offers something for everyone in terms of wellness and relaxation.

The Autumn trees in September will be stunning and there will be snow and cross country skiing in March with a good chance of seeing the northern lights.

This mindfulness teacher training is a wonderful opportunity for both students from Finland, and also the UK, to train with Karen in this wonderfully unique setting.

If you are from the UK and wish to train in Finland you can come to both training sessions ( September & March) or do part of it in the UK and part in Finland.

For UK students you would need to arrange your travel separately but you would be collected from the airport and taken to the spa.

This unique opportunity will be one not to be missed and a chance to enjoy this wonderful Spa set in the beautiful country of Finland and to forge friendships and connections with other like minded people.

Here is the link to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training Course. http://mindfulnessuk-com.stackstaging.com/teach-mindfulness/mindfulness-based-stress-reduction-teacher-training

Link to the Rokua Spa & Hotel http://www.rokua.com/en

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on info@mindfulnessuk.com or call 01823 323206