“Minding Your Health” Programme Update…#Mindfulness #Compassion #Children #Teachers #SupportStaff #Nurses

Last June 2016 we launched our innovative and exciting programme called “Minding Your Health” a Mindfulness and Compassion Wellbeing programme specifically designed for staff, children and young people in an education and or care setting.

This programme has taken many hours to initiate, implement and deliver and we have been thrilled and excited by the response that we have received.

Currently we are delivering this programme to three primary schools, one secondary and one SEN school. We have CAHMS practitioners, Parent Family Support Advisors and School Nurses, all of them fully embracing the need for better health, wellbeing and  emotional resilience by everyone working and learning within those environments.

Minding Your Health is based on the evidence that Mindfulness reduces stress levels, improves performance and enriches relationships.

For further details about this programme please click on the link here…http://mindfulnessuk-com.stackstaging.com/teachertrainingminding-your-health-programme