Stop Making Excuses You Don’t Have Time To Practise #Mindfulness

We all make excuses about why we can’t undertake things. Take the gym for instance. We can think of a million reasons why we can’t join but in reality we are the only ones stopping ourselves from doing it. That old saying “If you can’t find time to do half an hour mindfulness practice then you should be spending three hours doing it” is so true!

The wheel of life seems to be spinning even faster these days where the words “I haven’t got time” being the mantra for many of us.

Time is a very precious commodity and one that governs our whole day and how you manage your time if you “Haven’t Got Time” seriously needs to be looked at.

Self-compassion is something we all seem to overlook. We need time out in our busy lives to stop, re-adjust our hectic minds and take more care of our own mental health and wellbeing.

Spending time stepping away from the schedule, even for short periods daily, can have a huge impact on your stress levels but you must first allow yourself the time and stop making excuses.

Practising Mindfulness daily is a wonderful way to spend time with yourself, enjoying the moment of calmness and relaxation it brings. All around you the world is moving at a break neck speed but you have stopped and chosen to enjoy these special precious moments that you would normally be missing in your rush through life.

Mindfulness practice is called that because as with everything in life it takes practise. Our minds are full of thoughts so don’t be mistaken in thinking your busy mind can just shut down when you take time out. Our brains run movie reels all the time, it’s what we do, it’s who we are. But gradually over time, and you will be surprised how short a time its takes, when thoughts of “What are we having for supper” suddenly flash into your mind you will be able to accept and allow those thoughts but you will quickly be able to overlook them and carry on.

What is really useful and easy to use when you start your Mindfulness journey is to download some practices to your phone, iPad, laptop, especially if you travel on public transport to work. With your headphones plugged in you can use that journey time to relax and set yourself up for the day rather than checking emails and answering calls.

Set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier. A mindful body scan practice before you get up and shower will allow you to carry on the good work a nights sleep has given you setting you up for the day.

Mindfulness can be practiced at any time of day as long as you don’t drop off to sleep. Mindfulness is all about “Being” and enjoying the “Present” moment, which you wont do if you are fast asleep.

Today is the day you stop making excuses and start a wonderful new journey!

Here is a short Mindfulness practice for you to enjoy.