Stopping #Stress and #Burnout In Our Schools Using #Mindfulness

Never have the stress levels in schools been so high. I know, I have a daughter who is a primary school teacher, who after seven years of teaching I truly fear she is on the edge of “BurnOut”

I like many other people thought that teachers had a very “Cushy” job..Oh those long holidays! but the truth is that the pressures of teaching are so profound that really great teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate leaving a huge shortage in our schools that will have a severely detrimental effect on our children.

I know from my own daughter, she is so exhausted that when holiday time comes around she always goes down with some “bug” and ends up in bed having missed lots of booked holidays feeling miserable and cheated out of her “Down Time”..The stress just keeps revolving around and around.

The pressures on our children have never been higher. From a very young age they are having to be graded and assessed and placed into boxes (not literally) on levels of achievement and ability, which in turn places immeasurable pressures on the children and their parents to make sure their child is not left behind.

The nurturing nature of schools and schooling is a very precious and important time for children, teachers, support workers and parents. Schools are like a family, no matter what size they are, with all the dynamics, dramas and problems that a “Family” encounters so when things are under pressure it effects everyone within that “Family” and the knock on effect can be destroying.

We have been teaching and assisting many many people over many years how Mindfulness can make a huge impact into their lives, reducing stress levels, helping ease chronic pain and creating lives that live in the “moment”.

When we initially had the idea to create our Mindfulness for schools it would have been easy to just focus on the staff but it quickly became clear, after many hours of research, that in order to achieve everything that Mindfulness could bring our programme needed to include everyone within the “Family.

Teachers, support staff, children, parents and anyone involved in the whole environment have been included in our programme that we have called “Minding Your Health”

“Minding Your Health” is a practical and experiential programme, based on all the evidence that Mindfulness reduces stress levels, improves performance and enriches relationships.

Our programme structure supports the potential for the “Whole School Family” to nurture an optimistic, happier and resilient place to work and learn.

It has taken many many hours of work to produce “Minding Your Health” working alongside professional teaching and support staff who have graduated as Mindfulness and Compassion Teachers with us. The Programme is steeped in real life experience and firsthand knowledge and can be applied within education, support and care settings for staff, children and young people.

We are incredibly proud of our innovative programme “Minding Your Health” and know as parents ourselves how a calm, stress free, compassionate and happy environment can nurture, create and improve health and wellbeing for everyone.

“Minding Your Health” will be officially launched on June 16th at 3.30- 5pm. For further details and to register your place please email or call 01823 323206