Stopping #Stress and #Teacher “Burnout” In Our #Schools Using #Mindfulness

Stopping Stress and Teacher “Burnout” In Our Schools Using Mindfulness
Never have the stress levels amongst teaching and support staff been so high, with teachers leaving the profession in search of less demanding roles, leaving our education system with an all time shortage of experienced teachers.

Last year the BBC conducted an investigation into Teacher stress reporting data showing that stress levels were soaring.

Unions are blaming work load for large numbers of staff taking time off work or leaving the profession. Insurance industry data suggests stress is the biggest cause of staff absence.

A survey conducted by the BBC of 3,500 members of the NASUWT teaching Union showed that 83% had reported workplace stress and 67% said their job adversely impacted their mental or physical health.

Almost half of the three and a half thousand respondents reported they had seen a doctor because of work related mental health problems.

NASUWT General Secretary, Chris Keates, described the results as “frightening”

The pressures on our children are also increasing every day with the youngest of children being graded and assessed on levels of achievement and ability which in turn places immeasurable pressures not only on the children but on their parents as well.

The time spent in school is very precious and such an important time for our children and the hard working teachers who teach them. Schools are just like a family, no matter what size they are, when dynamics, dramas and problems occur at their heart, the negative effects ripple out and affect everyone.

At MindfulnessUK we have been teaching and assisting people from all walks of life with their physical and mental health, by introducing them to a programme of meditation techniques that neuroscience shows changes the way our brains are hard wired. This has a hugely positive effect on our bodies and emotions, it changes us physiologically which is why it is so different from other therapies.

In October 2015 an All Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness issued a report called “Mindful Nation UK”. After many months of research they concluded that Mindfulness could play a major role in the wellbeing of the nation and they have made recommendations that it be introduced into Health, Education, Workplace and the Criminal Justice System.

We see first hand the positive results from using Mindfulness Practice and have been working on a schools programme, ahead of the Government’s recommendations, realising that Mindfulness could play a major role in creating a calmer, settled and more attentive space for everyone.

Karen Atkinson MindfulnessUK Director said “’Minding Your Health’ is our innovative and practical experiential programme for schools based on the evidence that Mindfulness reduces stress levels, improves performance and enriches relationships. The programme benefits the wellbeing of both staff and the children they teach aiding staff retention and boosting self- esteem and confidence”

“Minding Your Health” will be launched on June 16th 2016 at 3.30-5pm at our Head Office in Taunton Somerset.

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