Take A Walk Around Your Life Using #Mindfulness


Walking mindfully is all about being aware of your surroundings and doesn’t have to mean hiking up a mountain.

Your walk doesn’t have to be outside, you can practise walking around the house listening to all the noises it makes from radiators rumbling to floor boards creaking. These noises are the sound track to your every day and you never notice them until you tune in.

Those flowers you bought from the supermarket the other day, have you actually studied them and noticed the beautiful way the petals are formed. Touched the silkiness of the leaves and taken time to smell the aroma?

Look out of the window and see the outside. The noises the cars make as they whizz past and that horn being tooted. The people rushing about going shopping or cycling past to work.

Open a window and listen. The man next door is mowing his lawn and the birds are tweeting a beautiful song just for you…and you have been missing it and not listening.

Make yourself a coffee and sit outside, who cares if its raining. Smell the heady aroma from your cup then take the time to actually taste the coffee rather than swigging it down.

Notice the smell from the garden as the rain washes the grass and plants. Take a deep breath in through your nose allowing those smells to tingle your nose hair then slowly breathe out being aware of your chest falling.

Your cat jumps up onto your lap looking for a warm place to snuggle down. How many times have to given him a quick stroke then stood up because something else is calling your attention. Just take the time to actually stroke him and relish the softness of his coat and the prickliness of his whiskers. He will love it and so will you!

That plant pot by your chair. Slowly put your hand into the soil and feel the warm, crumbly moistness of the earth that is the plants life support..with a little drop of water and some sunshine those plants are growing all by themselves and you hadn’t even acknowledged its wonder.

All these amazing things that are happening in this very moment are so sadly being missed. These are the moments that are called living! Our whole lives are moments in time and if you don’t capture them in this very moment they are gone and lost forever never to be repeated.

Our lives, just like the sand in an egg timer, are slowly but surely slipping by. The whole essence of being mindful and mindfulness is to learn to live, love and enjoy every single moment by paying attention to the right here and right now.

Paying attention to the right here and right now stops your wandering mind from trying to drag you back into the past and stops you from worrying about a future we cannot change because we just don’t know what it’s going to be.

Start today, this is your life and those are your moments…Live them mindfully and enjoy them.