The #Art Of# Eating #Chocolate #Mindfully #Easter

The loveliness of chocolate seems to lend itself to sitting and stuffing it until it’s all gone, we have all done it, then looked at the wrapper in almost disbelief that it had all gone so quickly!

But actually, by eating in this mindless way we are missing out big time on the whole experience and enjoyment of eating something that pleases so many of our senses.

Easter is a time filled with everything chocolate so what better time to start than right now in learning the art of eating #mindfully…. here are a few tips.

  1. Take a long look at the chocolate, admire the packaging and hold it in your hand feeling the smoothness of the wrapper.

    jackmac34 / Pixabay
  2. Hold it up to your nose, can you smell the aroma of the chocolate oozing from its cover?
  3. Take time and slowly peel back the wrapper smelling for that heady chocolate..notice how your taste buds are reacting at the thought of actually tasting it.
  4. Break a piece off and bring it to your mouth..feel the sensation of it on your lips and sense the temptation to just devour it.

    aleksandra85foto / Pixabay
  5. Slowly put it into your mouth and close your eyes but don’t be tempted to chew yet! What can you taste? Does it taste like it smelt? Can you feel it melting on your tongue and coating your teeth?

    noirlily / Pixabay
  6. Now just relish and enjoy the wonderful sensation of the smoothness, taste, aroma and sheer delight that chocolate brings…Mindfully!

Happy Easter…