The “Art” of Mindfulness with Sally Clark

The pleasure that art can bring is well documented but to immerse yourself “Mindfully” into your project can bring a peace and pleasure unlike anything else.

Imagine paying attention and feeling the brush stokes swishing over the canvas. The smell of the paint, the sound of the palette knife scraping as you mix and blend colours together. Just you and your paint brush moving in unison paying attention to every detail and moment.

Fully immersing oneself in creative projects activates a different part of the brain. You lose track of surroundings and time, minutes can blend into hours as you start to focus mindfully in the moment.

Sally Clark, an incredibly talented artist and secondary school art teacher, will be hosting a Mindfulness Art Class here on April 9th from 10-4, cost is £35 per person.

Sally has been practising Mindfulness for the past six years and has been overwhelmed by how the activity of painting and drawing can have such a profound effect. Sally told me “Painting and drawing in a calm and focused way can release such a joy within us, it makes you feel that life is good”.

This class is suitable for all abilities and will focus on using watercolour, charcoal, inks and coloured paper cuts. You will get the opportunity to play with abstract brush stokes.

This class promises to be a wonderfully creative and mindful day. Please contact Sally direct via Closing date 6th April.