Jewels of Joy Practice

This practice helps to break down barriers and build more joy into our lives.

You can use the script card to guide you through the key points.



 The Jewels of Joy poem by Angie Ward

Such a simple thing; the Jewels of Joy
Believe me, it’s not a gimmick or a ploy
It’s about seeking out the best things in your life
Like noticing the glisten of butter when you spread it with a knife
Watching the soft belly of a being  rise and fall
Playing out and catching the ball
An intricate cobweb in the early morning dew
Shimmering like sunbeams for all to view
Warm food in your belly
Whilst you watch some good telly
A friendly smile
When you haven’t seen one in a while
A swim in the sea, a ride on a bike
An unexpected gift from one who heard what you like
It’s about being in your body
Even when you are feeling shoddy
Open your eyes and open your heart
Set the intention for this practice to start
And once it becomes habit, tell it to others
To colleagues and friends, parents, sisters and brothers
Allow it to ripple and uplift and shine
Pushing negativity back down the line