STOP Practice

Here is a short practice to introduce to your life as a way of coping with anxiety and stress.

STOP Practice

In your journal…

After each practice spend a little time, perhaps a minute or two, in reflection, noticing what the experience was like, asking yourself questions such as these:

You may want to make a note of these questions in your journal for ease of reference.

  • What did you notice inside your body?
  • Did you notice where in your body you felt emotions?
  • Were you aware of what was happening in your mind?
  • How did you react when you noticed what your mind was doing?
  • Did bringing awareness to your thoughts change your experience?
  • Is there a familiar pattern emerging here?
  • Can you identify your experience with other areas of your life, your relationships for example?
  • How do you think it would feel to bring compassion in here?
  • How could you transfer what you have learnt through this practice to benefit your life?