Short mindfulness practices

Short Mindfulness Practices

  • Short practices are an important way of readily integrating mindfulness into daily life.
  • They enable us to interrupt the busyness of our day, breaking through our tendency to run on autopilot, and inquire into the nature of the patterns of our mind at that moment, thereby responding rather than reacting.
  • Opens our awareness to our experience of this moment, our thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviour.
  • It shines a light onto our habitual tendencies, bringing a sense of interest and curiosity onto how we are.
  • They remind us to connect with the body and its senses, as a window to the mind.
  • The creation of a bridge between the longer practices and Mindfulness in daily activities.
  • For a short period, you move into a restful “being” mode of mind.
  • Short practices give us a window of opportunity to enable us to make more choices by standing back from what you are doing and seeing the bigger picture. Widening the torch beam from narrow and direct to open and all-inclusive.
  • They give us the opportunity to become an observer of our current experience, creating space and decentring.
  • This creation of space allows new ideas to arise, stimulating creativity.


In the next lesson you’ll be introduced to a new, short, mindfulness practice as a way of coping with anxiety and stress.